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It's been 13 months since you started your contract with XNN Systems. And perhaps, you've arrived to this page by no mistake. Do you ever feel like you're not getting the most out of life? Feeling sluggish? Unable to connect? The problem could be your user settings. Luckily we're open for tweaking.

Our events put you in our science fiction world where you are living in a simulated reality, indistinguishable from actual reality. We are XNN Systems, the company responsible for designing and maintaining your world.

To help boost your output, you will undergo our interactive show: theatrical experiences and performances. Expect an absurd evening that leaving you entertained, warm, connected and invigorated. Our programme will explore different aspects of our research and development in human interaction, self empowerment, creativity, mindfulness and professional development. We shed inhibitions and original self using comedic performance to play with posture, voice, and body language and build a confident alter ego. Connect with others in new ways through quick fire, non verbal speed meeting. We bring pockets of our weird and wacky alternative universe in the form of comedic performances. No skills or experience required! We provide everything.

  • Interactive show
  • Speed meeting
  • Alternate character development
  • Comedic science fiction setting

Doors will open at 7:00pm.