Experience a Better you. 

Immersive experiential events company specialising
in experimental, interactive performance and design.



For a life without limits. 


Enhance your mind with Dr Leon.

The strangest, weirdest, most relaxing way to spend an hour: think mindfulness meets sci-fi film and you’re the main character.

Explore a little known corner of London and discover something utterly unique. From the outside, what may appear to be an unoccupied building contains within a mysterious room plucked straight from a futuristic spa. Meet Dr Leon. Experience life through rose tinted rainbow glasses, allow us to transform your mind and you’ll come out smelling of roses with a face aching from smiling.

Dr Leon is multi sensory, immersive, interactive performance designed for ONE PERSON (couples see below).

Our session is an intensely relaxing and surreal procedure with live visual and aural perception distortion. It’s safe and painless, leaving no lasting marks or scars.

Appointments are variable whether you want more talk, surgery or movement.

Whether you’re ending your day or starting your night, let go of your inhibitions and try something new.

COUPLES: your time will be split between you. Great if you want to share with another, but you get less customisation and less concentrated time.

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The Dr Leon experience was awarded London’s best “Weird & Wonderful Experiences” by Airbnb and have been featured in Bustle, Vice, Underpinned, WIRED Magazine, Time Out (print) and No Proscenium. Sofi is a designer, director and performer with 6 years experience. Dr Leon has been taken to Flux Social, performed with Vault Festival, Merge Festival and Light Eye Mind Festival.

More information on the history and the making of Dr Leon can be found here.