Data Processing through biologically networked, simulated reality interfaced human brains. Offering neural enhancement and node development workshops for workplaces, communities, events and special occassions. 

Photos from Meet Market at Vault Festival 2018 by Al Overdrive


X-NN Systems is a data processing company that pays people to become cryogenically suspended and have their brains connected to a huge biological supercomputer.

While in suspension, these people experience simulated reality (indistinguishable from actual reality).

All knowledge, physical (smell, colour, taste, texture) and social aspect (interpersonal connections) is programmed with repurposed unprocessed data, and processed data is extracted by X-NN Systems.

Like all systems, sometimes efficiency falls and performance slows. X-NN brings people for a health check, which comes in the form of our event. Our event takes the form of professional development classes and self help support groups, with a theatrical, comedic, science fiction twist.

Our activities encourage meditation, laughter and togetherness to cover various aspects of wellbeing, essential to creating a healthy simulation network.


X-NN Systems: PEO (Programme of Excellence & Optimisation) offers an alternative learning experience via the medium of escapist, immersive entertainment. We work with private companies, the public and communities to deliver workshops.

The experiences deliver different aspects of self development with quirky characters employed by X-NN Systems. Either side of the presentation manifests itself as a stereotypical office party.

Site Specific
January 2019 - onwards

We need spaces to hold our programme: 
  • Empty office spaces
  • Empty events spaces
  • Community centres
  • Your office
  • Retail spaces
  • Conference spaces 

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If you’re interesting in hosting a session, get in touch. hello@xnn.systems

X-NN Systems, Oakley Place, London, SE1 5AD