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PAINLESS. LEAVES NO LASTING MARKS. ULTRA RELAXING. A pseudo-surgical, ultra relaxing, 1:1 meditative experience with elements of live ASMR.  

We use real time perception distortion through augmented sound combined with a vision distorting visor to heighten the senses so people feel like they are under the effects of some anaesthetic.

Our appointments assess suitability and install the Better chip in your head to help you develop in ways previously thought unimaginable.

The Better chip functions on cycles of positivity, teaching users the benefits of meditation and self care. Learn more about the making of the project here. 

through D
esign My Night 

Opening hours by appointment:

Sunday    11:00–17:00 
Monday        18:00-21:00
Tuesday    18:00-21:00
Wednesday    18:00-21:00
Thursday        18:00-21:00
Alternative dates available on request.

EAST Address: 160 Brick Ln, London E1 6RU

For those who don’t know when they want to come, wish to book for a friend or for those who want to see if we have shiny things for sale (coming soon).

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