XNN Cross Neural Networks

Crimson Cabaret

by The Unmarked Door 

xxxember xx 1963


Thank you for making contact. Your training may have just begun but you are required in the field immediately. We need all the assistance we can muster. We are years into the Cold War and tensions are running high. Enter the Crimson Cabaret where a world of intrigue, glamour and danger awaits you. Sit back and watch the world-class cabaret show, or scratch beneath the surface and become embroiled in a game of espionage unlike you’ve ever experienced. For an evening of immersive entertainment, show-stopping cabaret, revelry and high stakes reconnaissance, visit the Crimson Cabaret.

Original Music by Award-Winning Film Composer, Rolfe Kent (DEXTER, SIDEWAYS, UP IN THE AIR). Directed by immersive veteran, Lola Kelly, Star of Delusion and Performer/Director for Hall & Mirror’s curated one person experience, YOU. Presented by The Unmarked Door (THE HEART OF WINTER, THE WITNESSING). Produced in Association with Moon/Shine Experiential.