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Dr Leon

Neural Enhancement


Dr Leon: Neural Enhancement is a one on one neurosurgical themed experience which teaches patients discretely how meditation can change their lives for the Better and solidifying that knowledge through sight, sound, smell, taste and tactile sensation.

We use real time perception distortion through augmented sound combined with a vision distorting visor to heighten the senses so people feel like they are under the effects of some anaesthetic.

The aim of the installation is to make people feel more positive by giving them a reason to take 10 minutes from their day to meditate. By putting people through a tactile experience, and giving context to those sensations, we are able to persuade people to believe our actions during the surgery are real.

The performance is adaptive and can range between 10 minutes per person to 50 minutes per person. Each participant signs a consent form before undertaking the experience.
We draw from Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk: “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”, as well as “MIND CONTROL MADE EASY! Become a Cult Leader Today!” by Carey Burtt. 

Our augmented sound experience is created with Native Instruments’ Reaktor 6 and RJDJ’s Hear App.
Our meditative processes were inspired by Andy Puddicombe’s Headspace.

Our aesthetic and style draws its inspiration from Terry Gilliam’s 1985 masterpiece Brazil, the film that we were originally commissioned for by Secret Cinema.

What’s the point of it all?
Learning about meditation, self awareness and mental health through science & experience.


The Holistic Centre 2019


Sofi Lee-Henson as Dr Molly Leon

Merge Festival 2018

Sofi Lee-Henson as Dr Molly Leon
Amy Louise Crothers as Dr Anna Murray
Amber Bradbury as Dr Margery Xiu

Cuntemporary 2017

Sofi Lee-Henson as Dr Molly Leon
Emma Carroll as Dr Carroll

Light Eye Mind Performance Festival 2016

Sofi Lee-Henson as Dr Molly Leon

Lighting Design
Ben Kearney

Balfron Tower 2015

Sofi Lee-Henson as Dr Molly Leon
Miranda Mac Letten as Dr Mac Letten
Fania Grigoriou as Dr Grigoriou
Flavia Bertram as Dr Maria Cottingsworth
Rosemary Rance as Dr Beatrice Sloan
Carly Blackburn as Dr Blackburn
Omar Gordon as The Patient
James Carney as Albin Rossum

Short film
Alexandre Do

Lighting Design
Ben Kearney
Sound Design  
Emmet O'Donnell
Lauren Bridle

Set Design
Daniel Errey & Thomas K Shannon

Gareth Charleston, Carly Blackburn & Sarah Gamper Marconi

Film Sound Studio
Irfan Hassan

Secret Cinema presents Brazil 2013

Sofi Lee-Henson as Dr Molly Leon
James Carney as Dr Albin Rossum
Viviana Bianchini as Dr Elsa Martinelli
Chris Nightingaleas Dr Richard Craft
Eugene Washingtonas Dr Stanford Milton
Billy Paul Rousseau as Dr Stuart Cremer
Thomas K Shannon as Dr Edward Tuft
Freyja Gillard as Dr Robin Shaw

Co-writter / Promotional Films
James Carney
Augmented Sound Design
Joe Farley
Music Advisor
Billy Paul Rouseau
Filming at Secret Cinema
Meg Nixon