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Night Market Information for Artists.

Imagine a crowd of creative people in a street, all dressed up/in costume/in character, all doing some street side hustle of entertainment. These people all have boxes, digital boxes: Zoom calls, Google Hangouts, Twitch, at the end of a phone, Houseparty, Jumpin Chat, and everyone’s little faces are listed on the street. You know who they are, when they’re in their box, what’s going on in the box. It’s grand. 

You can entertain or you can watch. Some are hosting giant dance parties. Others are telling shit jokes. There’s a sad clown talking about finance. There’s a really long line for the loo, and people are nipping to the offie to get tinnies. There are secret hidden things you can be told about.

Walking the digital e-streets you can dot in and out every 10 minutes, or you can stay somewhere a little longer. 

As an artist, you can “close” whenever you want and open whenever you want (just put on your info when you’ll open). Or leave a “back at 19:30” placeholder. 

The hours of the Night Market are 7pm-12am London time, Saturday 20th June 2020. You do not need to be active all of those hours. Ticket holders will see along with your image, description, opening times etc. on our central webpage.

We are creating a central website. The idea is that there are a number of different “streets” on this site, where the trucks can be found. We are playing around with an intro/outro video, chat function, easter eggs and more.

The URL and password will be shared with participants at noon on Saturday, however, the street will just be a dark and mysterious industrial back alley until the market opens at 7pm London time.

If for some reason you find that you cannot participate, please let us know as soon as possible. The magic word of 2020 is flexibility, and we are all doing what we can to make this event extremely special.


Does your experience have a “Max Participants” allowed in your truck? Please consider this number, and understand that “unlimited” is a number.

If you do have a maximum, do you have someone entertaining the queue? How do you signal you’re popping off for a wee? Are you using a virtual webcam?

We will also be hosting several ‘dark and mysterious street’ rooms where individuals can mill about for unstructured interaction, and there are some rooms with themes like `the bathroom line`.  If you plan to offer private experiences but do not wish to maintain a waiting room, you could consider kidnapping individuals in these rooms via DM.  Kidnapping is fun and sexy, and doing it online is safer and requires less trust than getting into unmarked and windowless trucks.  You are welcome to keep your listing up but list it as closed / occupied all night if you’d like to tease your marks.


We are big fans of word-of-mouth promotion. Therefore there is no Facebook event for the Night Market. The RSVP link is on our website, and Instagram page.

Please do not invite anybody you wouldn’t want to wait behind in a line.  We strongly encourage you to convey to your invitees that they should come in costume, in weird bunkers, and otherwise contribute visually and as characters to the event.

RSVP Link: https://thenightmarket.eventbrite.co.uk


There are a lot of platforms out there. Discord, Zoom, Twitch, IG Live, Houseparty, Webex, Google Hangout, even Haboon and ICQ.  Please spend some time considering what platform is best for you, investigate its benefits, limitations, paywall, user experience and settings.  FWIW, it is unlikely that users would install any software beyond the zoom client for this event.

If you have a friend who would like to participate as an artist, get them to sign up by 11pm, 15th June


There is so much in the novelty and experimentation of this Night Market that we’re excited about. But one thing we will sorely miss is the awesome photos we’ll get out of this. Please consider recording or screen-shotting some or all of your truck experience. Please ask participants before you take a screenshot.

Conversely, please consider that it is technically impossible to ensure that participants will not record your interactions.  Please consider this unfortunate fact before doing anything that would have consequences if posted online later.

  • Must be entertaining when observed for at least 30 seconds. (Consider the short attention spans of the audience see this video).  
  • SHOULD be interactive in some way (SEE BELOW), whether you talk to people, assign a room theme that people have to align with, have tasks for people to do, music to dance to, or a more informal chat setup. We are very flexible though, so whatever you have, let’s make it work :D
  • NO racist, sexist, ableist, or anything deemed shitty.
  • You can host something that exists already (think about how it could be adapted for this transient audience).
  • You can create something new.
  • XNN can also assign you a brief if that’s helpful to take some of the thinking away. We will have little easter egg corners that we want people to run.
  • You must not charge for your experience. Donations are welcome and encouraged but you can’t ask for paid entry. 


If you have any questions, shoot them over to me: sofi@xnnsystems.com

If you feel like you have skills around web design/management/anything techy cool that could add to this experience, I’d love to hear from you.


What we have found works is having as much of an interactive element as possible. This can be in any form. And we encourage people to look at what technologies we have easily available, what formats we know work and people love, and think about how they can be tweaked for interaction. Of course, we don't REQUIRE interaction, but that's the idea. 

  • people talking and discussing your work in the chat
  • people phoning in to talk about thing
  • people being able to talk through the live stream
  • a dress up game
  • a theme of people's zoom chat names
  • everyone adopting a certain way of moving/talking/acting
  • giving people characters / backstory
  • people submitting material that goes into making your work (digital collage)
  • people coming together to solve a mystery or a puzzle
  • music requests
  • utilising Zoom Breakout rooms for interaction / using your main Zoom room as a lobby/waiting room
  • Using QR codes to send people to external websites to gather information (treasure hunt style)