XNN Cross Neural Networks

XNN: PEO Persona

Programme for Excellence & Optimisation

PART A: Mind Control - Confidence & Emotions
PART B: Invisible Walls - Consent & Intimacy
PART C: Persona
PART D: Meet Market

Join us for our sci-fi style, immersive performance workshop series. Expect a sensory experience that will leave you feeling warm, connected and invigorated.

No skills experience required! We will provide everything.

You'll meet our wonderful X-NN Systems representative. We spend a little time going over our programme before we conduct our workshop with you to make you the very best in your network.

The whole experience will take up to 90 minutes.

Photos by Rosemary Rance 



Self assessment

Persona building




What’s the point of it all?
Creating an alter ego to boost confidence and self growth. Using exaggeration to explore the self.