XNN Cross Neural Networks

XNN stands for Cross Neural Networks. Providing state of the art data processing solutions, networking human brains to form a giant biological, neural networked, super computer.

Participants in our system (nodes) are placed in cryogenic suspension. The perception of your life takes the form of a simulated reality, indistinguishable from real life, sculpted from the very same, big data being processed. Live a life without limits. Any life can be written by our team of theatrically trained data scientists, for the right price.  You, as a participant are paid handsomely for your time, whilst your brain is used in the system.

The longer you spend in suspension, the less you pay for your customisation fees. Alternatively, you can opt for a generic package and live a life generated randomly from the system. We offer multiple packages to suit all of your needs. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in signing up to, we hold regular screenings for eligibility. We want to know your dreams and desires, your physical fortitude, and your muscle mass density.

Email us on hello@xnn.systems and tell us what you want from your simulated reality package.