XNN Cross Neural Networks
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Wow! what an utter gem. This is something very different and unique for sure. When I arrived to her location it felt like a film set, a really mad building!! I didn't know what to expect but any aprehension I had was soon dissipated by the good Doctor herself!!! serious, check this out while you can!!

This is probably the coolest thing I've done in London for a while. Such a painless and amazing experience. I can't urge everyone enough to give it a go. I wish we had more of these things back home!!

★★★★★A creative & well-designed experience. Audiovisual stimulation is a big part of the allure but the interaction with Dr Leon is amazingly compelling. The experience not only lifts the thin vale between reality and illusion, but it also blows up older illusions by way of acting.    Leticia
I booked the experience for me and my boyfriend and we both loved it. We arrived without knowing much of what was going to happen, but we were welcomed warmly by Dr. Leon and felt instantly at ease. The experience was interesting, relaxing and enjoyable, and we both came put feeling so much BETTER ;) I highly recoomend you go and experience for yourself!

Dr Leon's neural enhancement is a truly immersive exploration of the potential capacity for human achievement. The institute's techniques and equipment gave me an experience I will keep with me for years and a new resolve for positive personal change.   Margaret
Surreal and powerful experience. Dr Leon was wonderful and guides you through the whole procedure. Definitely recommend getting this as a surprise gift for someone!

A superbly quirky way to start an evening out. Sage advice combined with theatrical fun and a genuinely infections smile. Give it a go.
This was a super fun personalised theatric experience that left me with face-ache from smiling for so long! I was a bit nervous as it was a surprise organised for me, but absolutely nothing to be worried about, I highly recommend for anyone to enjoy!