XNN Cross Neural Networks


Handmade little windows of nonsense. Made with a variety of 3D printed, found objects, beads, recycled materials, collage or tiny architectural figures.  


All proceeds will be donated to ︎Doctors Without Borders to support aid to Gaza.


Hand threaded freshwater pearl necklaces with chunky 925 Sterling Silver clips for modular quick changing pendants. 


Traditional Mexican Milagros charms. Milagros means “miracles”. These little ex voto prayer charms are set to bring you luck, to hold on to all you hold dear or to attract good things into your life. Milagros are only available at Markets (due to the fact they are a pain to keep stock of) . Please email us if you’d like to see what we currently have in stock. They are priced £6 (no gem), £8 (with a gem), for loose charms: 6 for £7.50 or £1.50 each.


Illustrated hedonistic yet hilarious depicions of saucy scenes, laser engraved into Silver (925) with a Stainless Steel 3.2mm ball chain. Available made to order with some pieces ready to ship. These will take you to the Softcore Hardware (18+) shop.